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The website is operated by the private company, with limited liability, Ice Delite BV Hooge Mierde (hereinafter referred to as "Ice Delite '). Ice Delite is an official name with an internationally protected trademark.


By visiting this website and/or take knowledge of the information provided on (or through) this website, the user of the website agrees to the applicability of this disclaimer. This disclaimer refers to the entire content of the website of Ice Delite and applies to everyone who visits the site and/or takes knowledge of the information provided on (or through) this website.


Ice Delite pays the utmost attention to the development, content, accessibility, completeness, accuracy, reliability and timeliness of (the information on) its website.

Nevertheless, it cannot guarantee that (the information on) its website is accurate and/or complete and/or current.


Ice Delite accepts no responsibility and/or liability for damages resulting from the use of (the information on) its website, or inaccuracies and/or omissions in the information, or the (temporary) inability to consult the (information on) website. The same applies to damage caused when information is not up to date or outdated and for damages caused by or related to, the dissemination of information through the internet.


Ice Delite operates a webshop via its website. Through this webshop products (ingredients and labels) can be purchased by parties who have already acquired an ice cream machine from Ice Delite. Ice Delite is in no way liable if what is provided or made available in any way differ from pictures, drawings, descriptions, sketches, prototypes, models (and so on), as shown on its website and on other (promotion) material. The same applies to deviations in the displayed colour, size, weight and other specifications or details, insofar as these abnormalities are customary in the industry. Ice Delite is at any time entitled to bring changes to the products it depicts or indicates on its website and to remove thereon depicted or listed products from its range.


Ice Delite also accepts no responsibility and/or liability for damage suffered as a result of the use of information, advice, recipes or ideas, all in the broadest sense, directly or indirectly provided through its website.


Ice Delite also assumes no responsibility and/or liability for hyperlinks or other references on its website to other websites and/or information from a third party.


If a visitor of the website digitally sends a completed information form to Ice Delite, Ice Delite cannot guarantee that this or any other (electronic) messages are received and/or processed on time, thus allowing no responsibility and/or liability for non-receipt, delayed receipt or processing of this information form and/or other (electronic) messages.


The aforementioned exclusions of liability apply to all damages of any kind whatsoever, direct or indirect, caused by the use of (information on) the website.


All rights regarding (information on) the website, including intellectual property rights, are vested in Ice Delite. Without a prior written consent of Ice Delite it is not permitted to publicly perform, reproduce, edit, or transfer (information on) this website, or any portion thereof.


In all negotiations and agreements with, services provided by and the content of the website of Ice Delite, Dutch law applies. All disputes arising out of negotiations and agreements with, services provided by and the content of the website of Ice Delite will be exclusively submitted to the competent court of the District Court Zealand - West Brabant.


Ice Delite reserves the right to completely or partially change or delete, unilaterally and without prior notice, the content of its website and/or this Disclaimer.

Such amendments will be posted on the website. Ice Delite advises its visitors to consult the website and this Disclaimer on a regular base.


This disclaimer is compiled in multiple languages. In case of differences in interpretation between the versions used in the different languages, the Dutch version of the disclaimer will be the authoritative version.